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By working together, we’ll be stronger!

To help in the fight against superbugs and viruses, both now and in the future, we’re expanding supply of our proven SimCair iCON, Home Hygiene Mattress, and Sleep Surface technology to all parts of the world. People at home, in hotels, hospitals, etc. need to be able to clean and disinfect the interior and exterior of their mattresses/sleep surfaces, and with SimCair iCON technology, that’s now possible! Finished products are available, as well as “white label/private label” options for retailers. Our ‘iCON technology inside’ interior layers/components are available for integration into mattress manufacturer’s current or customized product range.
IP, Clinicals, Technical, and Microbiology reports in place/available.  

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Please share with Healthcare, Home/Hotel Mattress Retailers/Manufacturers across the world. By working together, we’ll be stronger!

Infection Control

Prevents fluid ingress to Foam Core.

Cost effective

Excellent return on investment

Clinically proven

Used for Over 10 years in Healthcare

Easy to clean

Comes in convenient Carry Bag.

Our flexible solution

Portable Pressure Care and Infection Control Technology

This original SimCair® product, created by inventor Patrick Noel Daly, has been selling in Europe since 2005. The SimCair® Overlay is perfect for Community Care and for all hospitals wishing to upgrade their minimum standard of pressure care. Just place the SimCair® Overlay on top of base mattresses for an immediate upgrade to SimCair® Pressure Care Technology.
The SimCair® iCON is the new minimum standard of care and infection control on every bed; Hospitals, Homecare, Hotels, Cruiseships, Resorts and for people at home, including asthma and allergy sufferers. Comfort, Healthy Sleep and Infection Control all in one product solution!

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We Offer to Healthcare, Hospitality Industry and Consumers at Home – Email us for details and prices

We offer to hospitals, nursing homes, NGO’s as well as consumers.

About Patrick Noel Daly

Hello and thanks for visiting our website. I hope you are well in these challenging times. I invented SimCair some years ago because I thought; We can wash virtually every other surface in the home, why can’t we wash/clean the core of the product we sleep on for a number of hours each night. With SimCair iCON we now can, and I hope it makes a difference and helps to provide healthier and better sleep, both now and in the future. Take care.

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Don’t just take it from us…This is what SimCair® iCON users say

Excellent results in lab tests

“The results of this study demonstrated that the SimCair® Mattress was impermeable to the strains of E.coli, CD and MRSA assessed and has the potential to serve as an aid to prevent cross-contamination from patients to bed fabric on mattresses.”

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